Write a letter to your congressman about gun control

Our country is broken. Background checks are supported by over 90 percent of all Americans and are a commonsense tool for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and the dangerously mentally ill.

There has been an ebb and flow in relation to gun control policy in this country, and we are at a moment in our history where the technology of firearms is breathtakingly vast. We have a goal. This must include appropriate training at an approved firing range before granting of a four-year maximum state license.

If you support our goal, please share this post so that you can help others support a peaceful America. The time has come to make gun laws that promote the general welfare, not the welfare of gun makers. How many people need to die before we do something. There is a two-prong test for determining your worth: Send your letter to the Capitol, where the legislative staff is based, though it will take a while to arrive since all incoming Congressional mail is irradiated thanks to those still-unidentified Anthrax mailers.

Click the image below to be taken to the printable PDF. What Should Your Letter Say? On a similar token, all firearms must bear appropriate serial numbers, and all sales and transfers must be registered.

As of OctoberConsumerist is no longer producing new content, but feel free to browse through our archives. Congressional offices have staffers whose days are spent solely on the mail, so make their lives easier by keeping letter succinct and to the point.

Letters carry significantly more weight. Follow Nicole Silverberg on Twitter: This is our country, and elected officials work for us. Helpful Hints Be sure you include some personal information about yourself and consider writing the letter by hand.

An Easy Guide to Contacting Your Elected Representatives About Gun Control

If you want a response, explicitly but politely ask for one. All of them should be implemented as soon as possible and your unconditional support for these measures is crucial.

I have included it as a PDF. Thank you for doing your part It is a testament to our national commitment to commerce and defense that we have allowed the gun industry to create weapons so advanced that the majority of our citizens can acquire a weapon that can shoot dozens of bullets in a matter of seconds.

They are effective and have blocked more than 2 million gun purchases, keeping guns away from convicted felons, domestic abusers, criminals and other dangerous people.

More guns only increase the potential for more killings, either by accident or theft of the weapons. Reducing gun violence can be accomplished without jeopardizing the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Thank you for sharing my message. We are now a nation where on average 87 people die of gun injuries each day. The most important thing is that you contact your representatives to tell them: Finding the staffer destined to read your letter is easy: These are the letters that have the most influence, the ones we will show you how to write.

Testing should also be conducted at the time the license is renewed. Personal experiences are particularly effective, and often moving. I am writing to you to discuss the level of influence by certain special interest lobbies, in particular the gun rights lobby.

Our goal is letters.Of course, these form letters are optional for your use; if you have particular ideas about policy or want to speak from experience, you should absolutely do so.

The most important thing is that you contact your representatives to tell them: this has to change.

Written letters to Senators and Members of Congress

If your congressman voted as you wanted him or her to vote, take a few minutes to write and send a fax online to send a short thank you note (especially if you previously wrote.

It should go without saying that your letter should follow all formal style guidelines, such as a return name and address, and should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Send Your Letter To The Right Place Only write to your representatives. You have three: one Representative in the House, and two Senators.

It’s On Us, Too: An Easy Guide To Contacting Your Elected Representatives About Gun Control

How To Tell Congress Gun Laws Need To Be Taken Seriously After The Florida Shooting. When you feel you're ready to discuss gun control with your representatives in Congress, start by locating.

Written LettersWritten letters, delivered or mailed to your Member of Congress, are an effective tool for demonstrating support for or opposition to a given issue.

Teacher Has Students Write Letters For Congress Begging For Stricter Gun Control

Like phone calls, they are a direct way to keep up the drumbeat on this issue by directly communicating to elected officials. Please work on gun control legislation.

My heart breaks every time we hear about a church shooting, or a school shooting or random people shooting each other. There is so much we can do as demonstrated by other countries that have had these problems.

Write a letter to your congressman about gun control
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