Why were the nazis successful in

In addition, many of the Nazis believed that the Jewish had brought it upon themselves and deserved everything that was happening to them because of their religion and their past actions. Further, women who were considered "outsiders" faced forced sterilization and other abuses prior to the outset of the war.

Hitler put together a huge propaganda machine, for he had experience in the propaganda field to try and attract the people of Germany to vote for him. There were also the trappings of power, SS body guards, a chauffeur, and obedient aides.

Why was Elvis so successful? One goal of the Nazis was to completely eradicate the Jews, meaning they aimed to end the Jewish religion and all the people that practiced it, and in effect create a nation of only pure Germans. He was enforcing and took action where it was needed.

It is horrifying still today how inhumane a human can be. They provided financial incentives for married women leaving the workforce to have babies, and while these programs were reasonably successful the dream of radically increasing the German population through higher birth rates were never realized.

To them, they were not being cruel, they were efficiently nearing the completion of their goal.

Why were the Nazis successful in the elections in the 1930s?

Pulled the economy out of the depression and unemployment problems through the Four-Year Plan - public works programs and remilitarization, grants, and loans. Carefully took away the rights of Jewish people and made all society subservient to him so that there would be little resistance.

He always kept portraits of her hung on the wall, decorated with flowers on the anniversaries of her birth and death. The Nazis were now the second largest political party in Germany. A huge argument followed. Hitler became deeply depressed and spent days pacing back and forth without stopping to eat or sleep.

Why Were The Nazi’s Successful in the 1920’s

Made a treaty with the Soviets to prevent a two-front war Nazi-Soviet Pact. Although Germans did know that the Nazis were anti-Semitic, anti-Semitism had been prevalent in society for a long time.

Platform appealed to and unified the people: Aryanization - the takeover of Jewish businesses was successful. Made an alliance with Italy Pact of Steel and then had to support Italy during much of the war because their army was so weak. The nazis were so popular because the were one of the first groups to inslave and trick so many people Did Nazis have to have tattoos so people knew they were Nazis?

He settled into the little country house and invited his step sister, Angela, to leave Vienna and come to take over the daily household chores. The SA also held people at gun point in certain voting booths to try and convince them to vote for Hitler.

Geli was a lively year-old with dark blond hair and Viennese charm, qualities that were hugely appealing to a man nearly twice her age.

I feel that this greatly increased the Nazi popularity, and also allowed them to comprehend situations more effectively; giving them the time they needed to think about how their actions would affect their own status within the Reichstag, and their reputation with the German public.

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How successful were the Nazis at imposing their ideology on women?

Allowed the evacuation of Dunkirk to take place. Remilitarized the country and created alliances without punishment. Why was the nazi flag so popular? Successfully misled and manipulated Britain and France into thinking that his demands would eventually be satisfied ie - Munich Conference.

Instead, the Nazis introduced a new system that was distinct to each division of the extermination camp - Josef Mengele, who performed inhumane scientific experiments on prisoners, tattooed his own distinct number series on those prisoners depending on where in his camp they were assigned.

This was exactly what the generals wanted to hear. What were the successes and failures of Fascism in Nazi Germany? After WWI, Germany fell into an awful economic rut - one US dollar was worth about 40 million German marks, at one point; Germans felt wronged by the Treaty of Versailles; and the French had set up a new government in Germany the Reichstagwhich was democratic.

Why were the Nazis so successful at acquiring political power?

And away from the battleground, the SS and Gestapo dealt with internal and external matters of arresting, deportation, extermination etc. Young Geli enjoyed the attention of this man who was becoming famous. The Wehrmacht of Germany had also become a force that was known to be strong on the battlefield and helped aid Nazi Germany in taking over.

Why was the Nazi Party largely unsuccessful in the 1920's?

Austria, the Sudetenland etc. The German General Staff was also investing support in Hitler, hoping he meant what he said about tearing up the Treaty of Versailles which limited their Army tomen and also prevented modernization. Hitler fell deeply in love with her.Some would say that the Nazi’s were so successful in the ’s because of the weakness of the Weimar Republic – The fact that they had set in depression and economic decline throughout the country, or that it was the spring from the depression that boosted the Nazi’s into such a.

Why was the Nazi Party largely unsuccessful in the 's? The nazi party were largely unsuccessful in the 's due to many varying factors.

In the early 's the nazi party was one of many right wing splinter groups, which formed after the collapse of Imperial Germany. The first areas Hitler had in mind were Poland, the Ukraine and Russia. His perception that the inhabitants of these areas were "inferior" led him to believe that success would be easily achieved.

Nov 02,  · An overview of why the Nazis gained more support after the Wall Street Crash. The NSDAP was notoriously efficient, in that all of Germany had some participation in the policies of the Third Reich (not necessarily involving in the "Final Solution").

The Wehrmacht of Germany. by Marvin Zuckerman. RECENTLY, A FRIEND ASKED me the following question: Why were the Nazis so successful in exterminating six million European Jews?. I was dismayed by the attitude displayed with this question, but I gave him a simple, quick answer: A heavily armed superior force can do what it will with an unarmed civilian population surrounded by people, who, at one end of the spectrum are.

Why were the nazis successful in
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