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They are believed to hold been formed during the break-up of the ace continent of Gondwana some million old ages ago. Other stone types found are charnockites.

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Important rivers include the Mandovi and Zuari. Above 1, meters elevation are the cooler and wetter North Western Ghats montane rain forestswhose evergreen forests are characterised by trees of family Lauraceae. They rise gently from the east coast The hills are discontinuous The rivers cut valleys through the Eastern Ghats It is between Eastern Ghats and Bay of Bengal In fact, they contain five of the highest peaks of the Eastern Ghats.

In the report of a general of VishnuvardhanaKing of Hoysalas Western ghats essay, who in reference to his enemies, claimed to have "frightened the Todasdriven the Kongas underground, slaughtered the Poluvas, put to death the Maleyalas, terrified Chieftain Kala Nirpala and then proceeded to offer the peak of Nila Mountain presumably Doddabetta or Rangaswami peak of Peranganad in East Nilgiris to LakshmiGoddess of Wealth.

Thane is 34 km. The northern part of the scope is by and large drier than the southern part.

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The clime is humid and tropical in the lower ranges tempered by the propinquity to the sea. It manufactures cotton, woollen and man-made fibre fabrics. The government provided the tin sheds seen in the background as a temporary means of shelter, but while it continues to promise erection of proper houses, no such action has been taken so far.

These rivers flow to the E and run out out into the Bay of Bengal. This swathe of land, so ecologically critical, is shrinking inexorably under pressure of human habitation and industrialization. In the Eastern Ghats, there are many famous rivers have cut gaps through the Eastern Ghats and have separately broken its continuity.

The Mahanadi River cuts deep gorges through the ranges.

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The majority of streams draining the Western Ghats join these rivers, and carry large volume of water during the monsoon months. Biome protection Historically the Western Ghats were well-covered in dense woods that provided wild nutrients and natural home grounds for nativetribal people.

Fast running rivers and steep inclines have provided sites for many big hydro-electric undertakings. Clearly distinguished from the surrounding lowlands in the west, south and east, the area is bounded by the Moyar River to the northlying Karnataka plateau and merges into the Wayanad plateau of Kerala at the north west.

Many of these rivers feed the backwaters of Kerala and Maharashtra. Some countries to the North in Maharashtra while having heavier rainfall are followed by long dry enchantments. No more time should be wasted in initiating this process. Its inaccessibility made it difficult for people from the plains to cultivate the land and build settlements.

South-west of Mahanadi the mountains are higher. Temperature is high throughout year. At the office of the tehsildar in the town of Mahad, I met Prakash Jairam Minde, a manual dredger from the village of Dasgaon.

Cockburnbelieved to have introduced coffee plantations to the Nilgiri Hills. It has besides been observed that the coldest periods in the south western ghats coincide with the wettest. It was a popular summer and weekend getaway for the British during the colonial days.

A close-up image of the same dredging vessels reveals several smaller boats in front and behind. The salt is obtained by solar evaporation of sea-water.

Mountains A position of Anamudi. Large boats like this, which deploy mechanical methods to dredge sand from the river bed, have been responsible for significant pollution in these waters, killing off the local fishing industry. Much of the mangrove swamp at Mahapral has died off, because water cannot drain away at low tide owing to over-dredging.

The dense forests besides contribute to the precipitation of the country by moving as a substrate for condensation of moist lifting orographic air currents from the sea. Hence, Thane district which is close to Mumbai has about 30 percent of the total cropped area under fodder and hay crops.

Only manual dredging in small boats does not pose a threat to the environment and people of this region. It is every bit of import as the ecological system of the Himalayas for protection of the environment and clime of the state.

It would have been appropriate to bring in the collected scientific evidence and the public concerns to the same table and initiate a health democratic discourse.

Western Ghats Essay

In the southern portion of the scope is Anamudi extremum 2. Clearly, this initiative is a step back in time. Hinterland of Mumbai produces a large quantity of cotton. The hills, though irregular at places, do not permit easy access from valley to valley.The Western Ghats or the Sahyādri constitute a mountain range along the western side of India.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight hottest hotspots of biological diversity in the world. The Western Ghats or the Sahyadri constitute a mountain scope along the western side of India.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight hottest hot spots of biological diverseness in the universe. It is sometimes called the Great Escarpment of India. The scope runs north to south along the [ ].

The Eastern Ghats also known as Purva Ghat in Hindi, it is entirely different from the Western Ghats, because a western hat is the continuous range of scarp lands and the Eastern Ghats are mostly absent on the scrap areas.

Free Essay: The Western Ghats or the Sahyādri constitute a mountain range along the western side of India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of. Saving the shrinking Western Ghat Today’s crying need is to demarcate the ecological sensitive areas of this priceless natural heritage Regrettably, the central government appears to be dragging its feet over the matter of.

Konkan Region of India – Essay Article shared by The coastal lowland between Daman in the north and Goa in the south together with west facing steep slopes of the Western Ghats comprise the Konkan Coast.

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