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In Italy the revolutionary flames spread throughout the politically fragmented Italian Peninsula. Marx would then link this situation to a case of blatant social alienation whose climax was the rapturous revolutions aimed at changing the oppressive political systems Magstadt Hungary, led by Louis Kossuth, proved initially more successful in gaining independence from Vienna; however, the central government eventually crushed all ethnic revolts, including revolts in northern Italy, and put in place martial law, although some economic reforms did last.

The European working classes, inspired by many socialist voices, most important Karl Marx, moved toward a class-based politics.

In such a discussion, therefore, Marx would attribute capitalism as the cause of the revolutions. The most important thing for him would be the necessity to solve the social and economic injustices that political systems were administering Real He would easily relate the oppressive socio-economic structures of in most countries to his time and ridicule the mockery projects by those in authority to establish equal superstructures.

The genesis of these revolutions is attributed to a number of factors such as political, technological, and economic among others Dowe The pressing economic, political, and social problems remained: Therefore, when the economic meltdown swept the region due to crop failure and the infamous potato blight that affected northern Europe, the aristocratic regimes cushioned their own at the expense of other citizens.

Rousseau would say of the upheavals of in Europe because of competition that punctuated the life of man in a society having abandoned his primitive state of nature where survival was presupposed by compassion and cooperation.

In Prussia a constitutional monarchy was proposed for Frederick William III, and in the rest of the German Confederation the revolutionaries drew up the liberal Frankfurt constitution proposing a greater Germany and a liberal constitutional monarchy.

Revolutions Of 1848 Essay

Ideas, Institutions, and Issues. Marx would quickly agree with Rousseau by substantiating his initial claims with the construct of social alienation. Given that the political systems in most regions were led by monarchies, it was obvious that such regimes had to place the interests of their fellow aristocrats above those of commoners.

Conclusion The revolutions across European territories was the culmination of economic and socio-political injustices that the affected regimes administered on their people.

Rising prices tied to poor harvests, depressed industrial conditions, increased unemployment, radical and moderate political ideas, and nationalism all combined to create a climate that challenged the old regimes that were characterized by aristocratic and monarchical dominance.

In this paper, the writer discusses what would transpire in an imaginary debate where Karl Marx, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Jonathan Swift converse about these revolutions of The backdrop for these revolts revealed a range of causes tied to industrialization and changing economic conditions.

That is, they are subsets of both economic and political factors. Macmillan, ; Price, Roger. The skewed political systems the revolutionists; dared to restructure European nations.Revolutions Of Essay The revolutions of were transitory events that erupted throughout Europe and collapsed as quickly as they arose.

For a brief moment they promised much in the way of democratic and social reform, but without direction and steady leadership delivered little. Revolutions of HIS Many historians tend to link the main cause of the European Revolutions of to the surge of liberal and nationalistic ideologies that seemed to enlighten the newly developed middle and working classes of the European Industrial Revolution.

The revolutions across European territories was the culmination of economic and socio-political injustices that the affected regimes administered on their people.

Free Essay Examples and Templates. Essay on The Break Out of the Revolution in Germany in - The Break Out of the Revolution in Germany in There were a numerous external and internal factors behind the revolutions in Germany.

The Revolutions of Essay Words 4 Pages The Revolutions of During the year ofa revolutionary tide broke out in Europe. Why were there so many Revolutions in ?

Introduction. The revolutions of were the most widespread in the history of Europe. They directly affected France, Germany, Prussia, the Austrian Empire (F-G A P), various Italian states, Moldavia and Wallacia. They also indirectly affected Switzerland, Denmark, England, Spain and Belgium.

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The revolutions of 1848 essay
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