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Finally, feedback was taken from every customer who attended the event and their mailing address as well in order to build on the relationship and also invite these customers back if any future events occurred. Effectiveness of frequent flyer programme on customer retention and loyalty-sample dissertation by http: The goal is to bring about increased customer retention.

This academic paper describes and analyses the term x27;Relationship Marketing x27; and x27;Quality of Service x27; delivered to the customers in Academic Resource Center — American Marketing Association The AMA x27;s Academic Resource Center is designed beneficial relationship and to share research.

Also referred to as customer relationship marketing and customer loyalty marketing, CRM employs information technology to enforce and execute relationship marketing approaches. The event created positive word of mouth communication from the customers about the hotel, quality of service, quality of food, and its physical features which were considered very appealing.

Where data on customer behavior is not only collected but also used to maintain communication and entice return business in the form of special offers, it can be very effective in capturing customer loyalty.

The quality and variety of food served was another major factor for customers to get a positive impression about the hotel.

The conclusion is that the customer retention strategy through the loyalty program is ensuring the profitability from the retained customers because there is repeat purchase from the customers with a willingness to pay a premium price due to switching cost.

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Some see it as a marketing strategy: A good CRM strategy will also allow a firm to offer superior customer service; cross-sell products more effectively; and allow sales staff acquire deals at a quicker pace. The restaurant was renovated before the event to make it more appealing to the customers.

The stewards were very well-mannered, tolerant and very pleasant while serving the customers which impressed the customers. It has been found that the loyalty programs reduce the susceptibility of the customers to competition but this is directly correlated with the life cycle of the customers and the life cycle of the customers has been found to have significant correlation with repeat purchase behaviour and the reduction of price sensitivity.

Recommendations are provided at the end to improve these service products to suit the current industry and enhance the performance in terms of relationship marketing and quality offered. It was also found that the loyalty schemes developed by organisations are necessary reduced susceptibility to competition and switching.

The profitability of the hotel increased after this event both monetarily and in terms of increased customers. This, in turn would enhance the productivity of the hotel. Initially, when this restaurant was opened, there was hardly any customers coming to the hotel and the quality of the service was not up to the standard.

The aim of the research is a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of frequent Relationship marketing and customer loyalty Social Media as a Marketing Tool: Marketing and Significant Relationship Research Paper — 1.

There is no universally accepted definition of CRM, probably because it is still in the formative stages of development Tiemo, As a result, many organizations are moving away from product-centric and brand-centric marketing, toward a customer-centric approach.

Few entertainment programs were arranged to entertain the customers and buffet dinner was served as well. The Relationship This Research Paper is brought to you for free and open marketing.(2) How does relationship marketing work? and (3) How do relationships change over time?

These topics may be especially inter-esting to academics and managers who want a foundational understanding of relationship marketing.

The second section summarizes key empirical findings critical to the appli-cation of relationship marketing. The Journal of Relationship Marketing is a quarterly journal that publishes peer-reviewed and invited conceptual and empirical papers of original works that make serious contributions to the understanding and advancement of relationship marketing theory, research, and practice.

This academic journal is interdisciplinary and international in.

Relationship Marketing

The paper also describes the event of New Year’s Event and is related to relationship marketing and the quality of the service offered to the customers. Recommendations are provided at the end to improve these service products to suit the current industry and enhance the performance in terms of relationship marketing and quality offered.

Through CRM, marketing appears to have come full-circle in its evolution: from straight sales to mass marketing, to target marketing, to relationship marketing, and now to CRM, which is on the way to completely allowing true one.

View Customer Relationship Marketing Research Papers on for free. Marketing relationship in the organiisation Relationship marketing is a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing campaigns conducted in the s and s which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on point-of-sale transactions.

Relationship marketing research papers
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