Life in the 1950 s 60 s and

When I heard a school of roe mullet going by in the dark of night, it sounded like water going over a waterfall.

North Brevard History - Titusville, Florida

They can lock their spines when they open them out. The following summer, I got my first bank loan and financed enough money to buy yards of gill net, a bigger motor and a bow runner mullet boat. Truman inaugurated transcontinental television service on September 4,when he made a speech to the nation.

I improvised, perched on the bow using one oar, paddling endlessly up and down the boat basin. I am so indebted to all of you! You never saw Richie Cunningham go to an outhouse, did you?

I spent the next couple of summers content with trapping pigfish and fishing for trout. The following summer, my dad announced that it was time for me to start working. I was surprised when Marc asked me to be your speaker.

Scott Taylor, Blair Witherington and Kim Zarillo I know that there are probably others here who have helped with the festival who are not presenting at this conference. The United States conducts its first hydrogen bomb explosion test. Want to argue that point?

It was over 15 feet deep out there. Back then, you could walk along any shoreline of the river and there would be fiddler crabs as far as you could see. MacArthur then planned for a full-scale invasion of China, but this was against the wishes of President Truman and others who wanted a limited war.

It was easy to catch pounds of big trout in a morning of fishing. They understand the value of education and its ability to introduce change. Mom was probably younger than today. You knew they were there because you could see their tails waving in the air above the surface.

There was a small boat basin with a boat ramp at the west end on the north side of our house. Do you all know what a pushnet is? One of our favorite pastimes was collecting what we called bloodworms. Large-scale decolonization in Africa first began in the s.

I studied Oceanographic Technology. The Federation of Malaya peacefully gained independence from the United Kingdom in My uncle told me that when he was fishing on the old wooden bridge in the middle of the night, he could tell when a car was coming long before he could see the headlights.

Geez - I was only gone for 10 years. Societal pressure for one thing. Inthe military dictatorship of Venezuela was overthrown. Pelicans and cormorants would be diving in the schools with dolphins attacking the edges. Corporations consistently rank quality of life as a key consideration when relocating.

Finally I was fishing on the ocean! Torresola mortally wounded a White House policeman, Leslie Coffeltwho shot Torresola dead before expiring himself. You had to be careful not to kick the blowfish in the mouth with your bare toe. Japan held democratic elections and recovered economically.

I got a little older and my dad gave me a little 3 HP kicker for my rowboat. An immunization vaccine is produced for polio. This led to the rise of Nikita Khrushchevwho denounced Stalin and pursued a more liberal domestic and foreign policy, stressing peaceful competition with the West rather than overt hostility.

They did seem to mind. Families did sit down to eat together. The wind of destruction began in Rwanda in following the assault of Hutu politician Dominique Mbonyumutwa by Tutsi forces.

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1950s Family Life

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Life along the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville during the 's, 60's & 70's Laurilee Thompson and more than likely you weren't around this estuary in the 's and 60's like I was, I decided that my gift to you will be to relate some of my memories of what it was like to grow up on my beloved Indian River Lagoon.

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In there weredivorces which only rose slightly toby Contrast that with 1, inand you begin to see the trend. To put those numbers in perspective, only people out of 1, were divorced inwhereas it climbed to out of 1, in In JuneLIFE magazine published an article titled "The Luckiest Generation" that, revisited 60 years later, feels like an almost perfect snapshot of a certain segment of American society at.

Getting down at the Whiskey a Go Go, L., The Whiskey a Go Go was the first nightclub to have suspended cages and cage dancers (Go Go dancers). Find this Pin and more on 's Nightlife by Kyle Bryan.

Life is a dance floor.

Life in the 1950 s 60 s and
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