I love being a student of

You guys said I was crazy, too. Today was the performance day, so I got to school extra early to decorate our room. There was the student who memorized a nearly word spoken word poem that included a singing part.

Ten things I'll miss about being a student

Was I just unfairly projecting my nostalgia onto you? She has held three positions during these past three years: I realized that I had asked too much of you. Being a teacher is hard sometimes. Rangel joined the SGA in as a freshman.

Then I gave you the guidelines and rubric. There is a lot of neck-breathing going on. You are in 7th grade, after all. As her role increased, her responsibilities began to pile up. You responded by booing.

Plus, many of you come from homes where there might not be anyone willing to help you memorize it or listen to you practice.

Because she has been there for three years, she has had the chance to see people change over the course of time. Maybe it was only fun for me because memorizing was easy for me and I was relatively outgoing as a child-- what about for the kids who are painfully shy or for whom memorization is extremely difficult?

I had visions of almost whole classes standing up to perform with hardly anything memorized, of anxious criers, of students falling asleep as their classmates performed right in front of them. I got down from the desk I was standing on and began to panic.

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Some of you wrote and performed poems about hamburgers or monkeys with mustaches, and we laughed, because good poetry makes you laugh, too. But other times you remind me how lucky I am to be here; that knowing you and learning with you is my greatest privilege. We learn about fluency, pausing, shifts, tone, and sound devices, yes, but we also learn about study skills, about determination, and about going outside our comfort zone.

For Rangel, it has not been a breeze with her position. A letter to my students Thursday, March 27, I wrote this yesterday after my students performed poems they had memorized.

I explained to you why were doing this.

Send Email Cancel Student government is essential to the student body of any institution. With the duties as the head for SGA, the president is expected to speak to students, faculty and businesses when it comes to planning. And maybe the whole idea of this poetry project was just me being selfish.

You guys gave her a standing ovation. You blew me away. She encourages others to put themselves out there and try something new, whether it is with SGA or involvement with a club.May 17,  · Student government is essential to the student body of any institution.

What makes SGA successful and productive is the team that works behind it to make their voice heard. Desiree Rangel, Plant City SGA President, shares her passion with the HCC community about her work about her role.

Rangel joined the SGA in as. I LOVE BEING A STUDENT! 12, likes · 3 talking about this. For those who love being a student! Who love student antics- The parties, Drinking. May 21,  · Simply put, this is a compilation of why being a fulltime student is awesome.

You are surrounded by young, like-minded individuals capable of engaging, intelligent conversation and discussion. That is not to say the people in this bracket aren't fun to go out (partying) with too. Midnight snack runs.

BP and McDonald's make a killing. Being a college student is a time to challenge yourself, a time to focus on yourself and your future, and a time to help you leave your comfort zone.

I have decided to embrace the challenges and try to enjoy every minute of being a college student I can. Apr 30,  · I love to learn and I love to take workshops and to have 4 days to be a student and absorb and be inspired was just ultimedescente.com: JaneVille.

A letter to my students Thursday, March 27, There was the student, a recent immigrant, who performed Langston Hughes’s “Let America Be America Again” in a way that left us all breathless. Most of the time, I love being a single gal teaching in a big city.

I love being a student of
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