How to write a cover letter for job posting held for applicants

September 18, at 9: My cover letter would explain why I was interested in the company. Beth October 23, at I often apply for a job for which I meet and exceed every stated or implied skill or experience, and one of two things happens: Thank you — thanks to your post and the comments, I have a better idea of how to approach Craigslist and similar job boards.

Orson September 19, at 8: And of course, your mileage will vary based on all sorts of things such as industry, desired position, regional economic conditions, et cetera et cetera. That said — I worked in sales for seven years prior to switching to marketing.

It is all too easy for a scammer to refer to a legitimate company and even a legitimate job listing on the company website when creating an ad there to solicit personal information via resumes.

Regular job ads in my local Craigslist will often mention the neighborhood or area of town they are in, while the scam ones will not. I ran across one scam ad advertising government jobs available.

There might be some real relevant experience shown in the resume but is overlooked because the computer or Human Resources individual is not familiar with a certain area of prior work experience.

There are also good ones. You really need to verify that the person on the other end of that posting is legitimate as well. Maybe you should conduct a multiple-choice poll on your site that asks how your readers got their job?

Now how is possible that someone has 8 years of experience in the exact same career field that they are applying for and receive an email saying that they did not meet the qualifications.

Simply networking through family and friends alone yields an 80 percent success rate http: Of course, it tends to be EASIER to get hired by working connections, but sometimes people do work their connections and nothing comes of it.

Let us say I apply online, which most jobs require now, and my application is received by a computer generated system which is overlooked by people who work in Human Resources. Now, sure, when you apply to an ad, you have to beat out candidates.

So when you do those things, you narrow the pool dramatically. Natalie September 18, at September 18, at 2: But I have had polite replies from employers when asking for verification of the job posting.

Are there incompetent HR people? Of course, just like there are incompetent people in every industry. If people are so blind to see this, then there is a much bigger problem in America than what we thought.

To complain that you are overworked to people who are out of work is adding insult to injury. Which of course circles back to your advice and my original comment. What Happened To Equality?You may also like: should I submit an unsolicited writing sample when applying for a job?

should you attach your cover letter or put it in the body of the email? Employers will usually only spend a few seconds deciding if you are a good enough fit for a job to warrant a more thorough review of your resume and cover letter, so you need to make sure that it is immediately obvious that you have many of the skills, experiences, and qualities that they value most highly.

How to write a cover letter for job posting held for applicants
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