How to write a change over time essay

Include the premise stated in the thesis and how to write a change over time essay what the content revealed about the statement.

We keep teaching one way to write change-over-time essays and continue to be disappointed with the results. Religion starts to become more important and more complex. Our students also want to see world history connected to what they know happened locally. Seeing Broader Patterns When we look at any world history curriculum, we can see patterns of outside forces that caused dramatic changes: I show them that any particular region of the world can be seen as a body of water that is "impacted" or "affected" by an outside force.

The "right" sort of question students should ask is what kind of patterns do they see from analyzing the timelines. Exploring strategies for dealing with the continuity and change-over-time essay on the AP World History Exam involves a bit more than the normal interest in preparing students for each exam segment in the best possible way and, hopefully, accelerating their learning curve in the bargain.

Maybe we should reconsider some of our approaches, to help our students absorb the different way of thinking that change over time requires. I suggest two types of such questions, which can be used to great effect in world history courses.

In world history, we require students to be able to write what the AP World History Course Description calls a "continuity and change-over-time" essay. Too often, responses on change over time and this applies to "real" historians, not just students fail to establish a clear baseline: Instead, I encourage my students to imagine that the outside force causes ripples in the water that spread throughout the region in larger or smaller ways.

Analyzing Change Over Time Capturing an actual continuity and change-over-time question involves two steps, and many teachers have been working very constructively on more precise iterations of these steps as guides to constructing the essay.

As we teach the content of the crises that punctuate our syllabi, let us try to help students see the larger patterns. Since many change questions also involve causation, this is an opportunity to talk about significant intervening factors that may accelerate the change, push it in slightly different directions, delay it for a while, or do all the above.

The Continuity and Change-Over-Time Question: Teaching Techniques

Socially the population starts to increase because of people settling down. Choose a period of time that best illustrates the change that has occurred. There is a small amount of research and plenty of anecdotal experience that shows how some teachers are being successful in showing students how to write change-over-time essays by identifying the right sort of questions that highlight the larger patterns of world history.

We can use these themes to help students see the changes and continuities over time. For example, if the Big Question is about the nature of progress in the period tothen the students can record examples of progress, regression, and continuity on the swingometer.

The students who continued to struggle with the habit of moving from global to local and local to global also did poorly on the change-over-time question. Most importantly, my students have come to understand that the initial entry by merchants, imperial armies, missionaries, or pilgrims into a region is usually repeated many times, and sometimes becomes a regular interaction.

The students also could explain that the spread of Islam beyond the Arabian Peninsula to Spain and Eastern Europe, West Africa, and South Asia did not change every cultural, economic, and political feature in those regions. Process involves, among other things, identifying the major relevant developments that occur between baseline and endpoint.

Tip Be sure to cite any sources appropriately. The Big Picture and the Ripple Effect The Big Picture question helps students focus on the beginning and ending of a time period, so they can see the major changes and continuities in that period.

The graphic encourages them to recognize the theme, time period, and region addressed in the essay question. Practice will help, along with appropriate knowledge, but overrigid answer formulas could mislead.

This same relationship will help students deal with chronological order—not precise dates, usually, but a sense of what came before what—without which the context for change over time cannot be established.

How to Write a Change-Over-Time Essay

Reminding students to test the general factors involved in periodization to the question at hand is already a step forward, providing global context for key developments over time.

Let us help students prepare to answer big questions about the nature of change and continuity over long periods of time. The same analytical issue is present in both cases, but obviously leads to rather different responses.1 How to Write a Continuity and Change Over Time (CCOT) Essay Background: The Rubric Like the DBQ and Comparative essays, the CCOT is scored according to a rubric.

The Change-Over-Time Essay Underline, box, and/or note the key parts of the prompt.

Strategies for the Continuity and Change-Over-Time Question

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Change over Time

In the Middle East between BCE there were changes in the demography, political, and social. For example a change is the social classes become more defined in this time. The priest start to be more. Change-over-Time: The Silk Road ( B. Throughout history, trade has always brought an economic growth and spread of culture and ideas.

Some trade routes stand out as major points in history. One example is the Silk Road which linked China to the West from the 2nd century B.C.E. to the late 15th /5(10). Writing a Continuity and Change Over Time Essay Continuity and change over time (CCOT) is a major theme of historical study.

An important aspect of Step 4: Write the Essay Paragraph 1. From – CE, China experienced a number of changes as well as continuities. APWH CCOT Essay.

Explanation of the CCOT on the AP World History Exam you'll spend the rest of your time writing the essay (30 mins is suggested) try to write quickly, using your BCC chart for reference, but don't write so messy that it's unreadable.

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How to write a change over time essay
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