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Employee may become a cost that damages Discussive essay topics company, lots of companies suffer because contractual arrangements made in boom times. For the early medieval chroniclers, the cosmos was bound up in a network of resemblances: My work is not a piece of writing designed to meet the taste of an immediate public but was done to last forever.

Do you think that technological advancement has brought more harm than good? In this he differed from the best-known of the ancient biographers, Plutarchwhose Bioi paralloi Parallel Lives juxtaposed the life stories of 24 Romans and 24 Greeks who had faced similar experiences.

Like Christian annalists, he depended on the Hebrew Bible as interpreted by Islamthough the world he inhabited was basically Egypt and Muslim Asia rather than Western Christendom. For Eusebius, the Roman Empire was the divinely appointed and necessary milieu for the propagation of the Christian faith.

His purpose was to draw moral lessons from the lives of these figures. For him, the writing of history had an exalted—and very Confucian—mission: Historical writing was almost all done by clerics, in Latin. Entries were made year by year, making these lists among the earliest annals.

This is as true for historiography as for any other aspect of Renaissance culture; but while the differences between the Renaissance and the earlier Middle Ages may have been exaggerated, they do exist. The pathology of the Athenians is most clearly manifested in their disastrous expedition to Sicily.

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In addition, he used the new textual criticism to eliminate many legends that had been accepted as facts in previous histories. Early Germanic and English histories The fall of the Roman Empire actually resulted from the successful attempt of Germanic peoples to occupy its lands and enjoy its benefits.

If they responded differently to their challenges, it was partly a consequence of character, but weaknesses of character could—and should—be overcome by a strenuous exercise of virtue. By tracing their history to Adam and Eve and the other figures who preceded Abraham, Christians encompassed all of humanity within their worldview.

Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. The Romans lacked the speculative interests of the Greeks, and their historians made little effort to propound grand or even middle-range theories.

Tacitus was a self-conscious stylist, and in his treatise on style he claimed that styles were themselves the product of historical changes rather than being entirely the decision of the historian.

People in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China were the first to make records of their contemporaries, which took the form of lists of kings and ancestors. And then I say: Persuaded by demagogues and by soothsayers and oracles that they will prevail, the Athenians attack the island and its chief city, Syracusewithout realizing that they are undertaking a war almost as demanding as that still under way against Sparta.


Augustine was forced to confront the argument that the establishment of Christianity as the state religion of Rome had led to the downfall of the empire. Understanding of individual character was much less important than the moral lessons and encouragement conveyed by the story.

Chronicles and hagiographies Although Gregory and Bede wrote histories, early medieval historiography typically took one of two other forms: While sharing a common ancestry with mythlegendepic poetryand the novelhistory has of course diverged from these forms.Historiography: Historiography, the writing of history, especially the writing of history based on the critical examination of sources, the selection of particular details from the authentic materials in those sources, and the synthesis of those details into a narrative that stands the test of critical.

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Discussive essay topics
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