Computer operating systems essay

But they have greater protection and do not need periodic maintenance.

Computer Operating System

It simply provides an environment within which other programs can do useful work. The sizes may very from 3. Like Windows 95, Windows 98 can run 16 and 32 bit software, which means it can run software designed for DOS and other versions of Windows.

In Page Printer, one page is printed at a time, iii Plotters: Hard disks usually come as sealed units. But in an interpreted language, on the other hand, the source program is directly translated line by line into machine language instructions for execution of any program.

The main purpose of an operating is to make the computer system convenient to use and user can the computer hardware in an efficient manner. Hardware and Software Computer ware can be divided into two types e. After some time, Microsoft came out with another operating system to upgrade Windows 95 - which named as Windows Floppy disk Floppy disks or diskettes are most widely used in microcomputers and are very popular.

Hence these languages are being translated into a machine language program called object code. BASIC language on a micro computer is an interpreted language. It is non-volatile and is put in by the manufacturer. There are some disadvantages for Windows 98, it is easier for trashing or what we call hang compare to Windows The purpose of an operating system is to provide an environment in which a user can execute programs.

In a binary-coded digital computer, Os and Is are used as low level language called machine language. C is the latest development.

Short essay on Computer System for students

This operating system is a true operating system and not an operating environment as were the 3. A plotter is a device used to draw graphs, diagrams or any other drawings on the paper. Hence, in a typical computer, there is a An input device i.

But in latter case, it is easier to develop a program using this language. These are thin, plastic disks on which computer data and programmes can be stored. It is just like a type-writer keyboard.

Optical disk, Winchester or Hard disk and Floppy disk. It is commonly used not storing of programme instructions that are not subject to change. A language is used by programmers to write computer programs and routines and is called programming language.Operating Systems Essay Words | 6 Pages.

Operating Systems Many people use computers without knowing how does it works. The main software when using the computer is the operating system.

Examples of operating systems are Disk Operating System (DOS), Windows, MacOS, and UNIX. Different types of operating system are as follow: Embedded system, Real-time Operating System, Multi-user Operating Systems, Multi-tasking Operating Systems, and Distributed Operating Systems.

operating system is the system software that manages and controls the activities of the computer. In other words this is the program that makes computers user friendly. Operating systems, such as Windows, make computers easier to use by the everyday computer operator/5(11). From small personal computer (Micro Computer) to super computers, the OS operates in all the computer systems.

Very commonly used operating systems for microcomputers are PC-DOS (Personal Computer Disk Operating System), MS-DOS, Window and XENIX. Microsoft-designed computer operating system, a program that controls the basic functions of personal computers.

Windows started life as Microsoft's take on a graphical user interface (GUI). WindowsWindowsand Windows were the three earliest versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system. Operating Systems – Essay Sample An operating system, or OS, is a common computer piece in the world today. An OS is an intricate set of software programs that helps organize information within a computer’s hardware.

Computer operating systems essay
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