Compare and contrast texting while driving vs drinking and driving essay

The University of Utah researchers used a driving simulator and compared study participants who were talking on their cell phones versus those who were legally intoxicated. The worst thing is that they continue making our drives more dangerous.

Everyone has done it at one point. For additional information and resources on texting and driving, visit Distraction. This shows that when someone drinks and drives they are not only putting their life in jeopardy they are putting others in jeopardy as well.

Today, most states have banned texting and driving. Texting while driving is a leading cause of distracted driving. Ten states plus D. As compared to its treatment of texting while driving, California takes a much harsher approach to people who are convicted of driving under the influence.

How do you want to be remembered? In3, Americans died in crashes involving a distracted driver, while 10, people were killed in alcohol-related crashes.

The injured couple sued the driver and the person who sent him the text when the accident occurred. The best thing about cell phones is that stranded motorists can call for help from anywhere.

Many states have passed laws that restrict texting while driving. Conclusion Distracted driving is potentially just as or more dangerous than driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk vs. Distracted Driving in DC and the 50 States

In states like California, which make texting while driving only a traffic infraction carrying very minimal fines, it is interesting to note the disparity between it and a DUI conviction in the same state.

For most people in America, driving is a chore, not a luxury. The researchers looked at results using the simulator involving 49 adult participants who ranged in age from 22 to Modern technology like cell phones, GPS systemsand dashboard computers have made being on the road more convenient but not any safer.

Distracted driving resulted in approximately 2, deaths in Drivers on a closed course were evaluated for response times while reading and writing texts while driving. That threat is texting while driving — and many say that it is actually more dangerous than drunk driving.

Inthere were 12, drunk driving fatalities. Sober, focused drivers took an average of 0. And texting is the number one distracted driving activity by a long-shot.

Distracted Driving vs. DUI: The Legal Consequences

Young people are less likely to consider texting and driving to be unsafe: TRL researchers found that drivers who texted demonstrated reaction times 35 percent worse than when they drove without any distractions at all compared to 12 percent worse when driving while intoxicated.

During the experiment, cars were rigged with a red light to alert drivers when to brake. Luckily for us Washingtonians, walking and texting is still legal. Perhaps the discrepancy between state laws is a result of the unequal burden of vehicle accidents.

Car Insurance Comparison Hazards to Know While more people are embracing mass transit, walking, and bikes, the majority of us still find ourselves in a car on a regular basis. Forty percent of this money goes right to liability coverage.Free Essays on Compare And Contrast Texting While Driving To Drinking And Driving.

The Truth About Texting and Driving

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Comparing The Two: Texting While Driving Is Like Drinking 4 Beers The impairments associated with drunk driving and texting while driving are similar, according to the National Highway & Transportation Administration (NHTSA) website, Texting While Driving Vs Drunk Driving.

Talking And Texting While Driving?Abstract: Distracted driving is a leading cause to automobile fatalities. Distracted driving can range from talking, texting to eating, and topic has been a debate issue between several experts and U.S.

citizens. Below is a chart comparing texting statistics of drinking and driving, road rage, eating while driving, and more. Check out the dangerous driving statistics and then be sure to enter your ZIP code in above for FREE car insurance quotes online! Texting & Driving vs.

Drinking & Driving The purpose of this essay was to find out which act while driving is more dangerous. I took the side of the texting and driving because the cell phone takes your vision off the road. With multiple research studies showing that texting while driving causes greater impairment than drinking, wouldn't it make sense for laws to forbid such a dangerous activity?

Unfortunately, it.

Compare and contrast texting while driving vs drinking and driving essay
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