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The Supreme Court of India has directed, Best essay on ragging its interim judgement, that action may be taken even against negligent institutions.

In some universities, this nickname is changed to a less vulgar name after the ragging period. Ragging is celebration of violence. Several voluntary organisations have emerged, who conduct drives for public awareness and arrange for support to victims.

According to the Sri Lankan universities, none of the students enjoy their campus life at least till the end of their first year. But it does have some positive effects on the fresher.

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Often, in many homes there takes place a certain amount of discrimination between siblings. Bullying has become a major problem in the schools and even the workplaces too.

They build up a reserve of fortitude in their personality. This will bring them together, hone their skills, and make them friendly without leaving wounds on their psyche. Write your essay on bullying in this way.

Accordingly, the constitutional constrains specified above are equally applicable to university students.

If family members fuel such behavior, often the kid takes it as a license to apply a similar contemptuous behavior towards other kids as well. Those who endure it with courage get emboldened. He would be constantly harassed by some gang of the seniors. But in practice, it is noting but a kind of torture.

Given that there is no well-defined legislation to protect the interests of those who are bullied, therefore one must apply a lot of vigilance to ensure that nobody is harmed by bullying.

Before starting to write your essay, think for a while and structure the essay in your mind and start writing your essay on bullying later.

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Such rivalry more than other issues develops a bitterness towards weaker sections or weaker children who can be easily dominated. Ragging has some positive effect too on the new students. Write down or think the key points and their subpoints in your mind.

The roughness and toughness of the impersonal environment do not rattle them so easily. There would be probing questions about the sexual experience or exploits of the fresher. Many a time, it is seen that the juniors and the seniors become very good friends after the ragging period.

Enforcing harsh behavior, mocking juniors over little things are some of the ways in which seniority is used as a tactic to humiliate others.Essay On Should Ragging Be Banned?

Article shared by The accurate meaning of the word ‘ragging’ is to ‘tease’, but even the dictionary says it is an archaic meaning. Ragging is the term used for the so-called "initiation ritual" practiced in higher education institutions in South Asian countries, including India, Internal clashes have erupted several times due to the friction between ragging and anti-ragging movements, best example being Samantha Vithanage.

Menace of Ragging in Schools and Colleges. words free essay on the Menace of Ragging in schools and colleges The shocking death of year-old Aman Kachroo sharply reminded the nation of our inability to curb the menace of ragging in institutions of learning, despite the recurrence of incidents that result in injuries, attempted suicides.

Essay On Should Ragging Be Banned ?

The accurate meaning of the word ‘ragging’ is to ‘tease’, but even the dictionary says it is an archaic meaning. We will write a custom essay sample on Ragging in Colleges specifically for you for only $ $/page. No problem! Here you will also find the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your research.

Short Paragraph on Ragging in India.

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Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On December 17, By Ravi Sharma. Ragging refers to an act that violates the dignity of a person. There have been many complaints of physical and psychological injury due to ragging is colleges and educational institutions.

Short Essay on Problems in Indian. Short Speech about Ragging. Article shared by. Ragging, as it is practiced in our college’ and university campuses, Short essay on should ragging in curbed in India ; Letter to Newspaper Editor Regarding Ragging In Colleges ; Essay on Siddha Treatment.

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