Anxiety among alcoholics and non alcoholics essay

Vigilance during the first week of the month may also reduce alcoholism to some extent. Marital problems pose many crisis for the individual.

Chaotic Environments and Adult Children of Alcoholics

One group of adult children of alcoholics and one group of adults who had parents who drank moderately during social events were investigated.

Physical punishment is an old type of treatment which does not work. Irwin reported that more than 50 per cent of the alcoholics had an alcoholic parent. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 53 1069— It does not lose control after the use of the drug.

When this stage is somehow passed, the person gets back his normal life to some extent and many of the symptoms may disappear.

Essay on Alcoholism

Psychological and Personality Factors: The symptoms of delirium tremens are restlessness, sleeplessness, night mares, hallucinations, and delusions of terrifying nature.

Psychosocial Measures of Alcoholism: Findings of the studies by EricksonRodgers and Schlesinger show certain evidences of the presence of certain genetic components in the occurrence of alcoholism. When the impairment because of alcoholism becomes severe the patient needs constant care.

As estimated by DSM III-R about 35 per cent of the American adults abstain, 55 per cent drink less than three alcoholic drinks a week and only 11 per cent drink an average of Anxiety among alcoholics and non alcoholics essay ounce or more alcohol a day.

In other words, the gene activating the LC may be responsible for mediating the effect of alcohol which has been detected in twin studies. The heart of addiction. It is stated that out of every 20 persons in the U.

In a 30 year longitudinal Swedish study of adopted male children who subsequently become alcoholics, it was found that about 25 per cent had biological fathers who were also alcoholics.

But when he finds that use of alcohol is more important than communicating with others, his interpersonal relationship deteriorates.

In-spite of these findings it is not yet established which specific characters are responsible in the development of alcoholism.

Measurement of alcohol-related consequences among high school and college students: The relationship between having smoking or drinking parents and the occurrence of smoking or drinking in their adolescent children.

According to the psychological theories alcohol takes the person away from the burdens, responsibilities, heart aches, sorrows and distresses, worries and anxieties of modern life. When the person finds that each time he takes alcohol it reduces his anxiety, stress and gives him relaxation, he is further reinforced to take it more and more until he becomes alcoholic.

They feel very in-secured and inferior and have low frustration tolerance. Alcohol being a central nervous system depressant like the other anaesthetics, when 0.

At 40 to 50 per cent the alcoholic is in coma and at more higher levels, centres of the brain controlling breaching and rate of heart beat are affected leading to possibility of death. When the level of alcohol in blood reaches 0.

Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 68 156— It gives courage to the coward, confidence to the timid, pleasure to the unhappy and success to failure that is what those who take alcoholics say. Instead of using some other defence to adjust with or overcome the stress, these people turn to alcohol.

Alcoholism is estimated to be associated with at-least 50 per cent of traffic accidents, 50 per cent homicides, 25 per cent of suicides and large number of deaths in a year from alcoholic related diseases. The RAPI is a psychometric instrument used to discern how problematic alcohol consumption may be perceived by a population and has received support among scholars.

Addiction models and treatment plan implications are presented. Some believe that alcoholism or the tendency for alcohol may be inherited. Addiction Models Among some clinicians the genetic model has gained clamor because of the frequency of alcoholism observed in certain families Wang et al.We will write a custom essay sample on Alcoholics Anonymous –Nursing specifically for you.

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Alcoholism, Anxiety and Depression the objective of this study is to evaluate the rates of comorbidity with anxiety and depression in a sample of active alcoholics with clinical comorbidities.

- Treatments for Alcoholism Where can alcoholics receive help. “Hospitals, psychiatric agencies, public-welfare departments, and social agencies, among others are often reluctant to provide care and treatment for problem drinkers” (Plaut, 53). factors among police officers are primarily due to the demands of the department, the community, and family life.

A Comparative Study of Depression and Anxiety Among Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics

ple in these groups do not become alcoholics. If each subgroup was exposed to approximately the same levels of stress, why did some trait anxiety than nonalcoholic women on the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory.

Horn ( Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety and Alcoholism. October 20, Alcoholism,Helpful Articles. has led many researchers to conclude that differing expectations of the effect of alcohol explains why some people with anxiety drink more alcohol than non-anxious people, but others drink less.

The present study aims to compare depression and anxiety among alcoholics and non- alcoholics. It was assumed that depression and anxiety may be the risk factors for alcoholism. A sample of people (50 alcoholics and 50 non-alcoholics) was randomly selected from Delhi.

Anxiety among alcoholics and non alcoholics essay
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