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Ruth is sitting on the bench by the Cooper front gate. She watched him sign the muster book, and she is worried. The Committee was so very much a committee, a panel of men of all opinions who spoke much and accomplished, apparently, little; this is not the popular image of the clear-minded forefather… The brutality of the battle — battles — was startling, as was the frankness about the various reactions.

They pack pieces of bread into their pockets and take water bottles. He reminds his grandmother that although she has lost her son, she still has Adam in her life.

The novel takes place during the Battle of Lexington, one of the first battles to take place during the American Revolution. As a result, the confrontation starts an argument, which is interrupted by Cousin Simmons arriving.

At home, Adam overhears his father and mother arguing. Other major themes include non-violence, human rights, and the concept of truth. Adam is too astonished to respond. Simmons words his draft to say the rights of men derive from God, but Moses wants to leave God out of it.

He does not like this but Sarah insists that he let him do it. After dinner, Adam plans to meet up with Ruth, a girl he has a crush on. It is agreed that a militia should continue to be kept in the event that the British become violent, but few suspect that the British will turn against their own colonial subjects.

Adam takes the water to his mother in the kitchen, who is beginning the dinner. Suddenly, Adam is awakened by Levi, who draws attention to a speedy rider that stops in the center of town.

The latter sends him to get Moses a coffin and take it to the church. Granny is tolerant, seeing Adam as like his father and grandfather. Finally, Adam and Ruth are allowed to leave for their walk, and they talk about their dreams and futures. Moses takes notes on who signs, and Adam notes that this is redundant since they have to sign the muster book anyway.

Summary of Chapter 3: Adam asks her why his parents criticize him for everything he does. Granny explains that Moses is just pig-headed like his father was. Summary of Chapter 1: Jonas Parker is the Lexington Captain of Militia, who has been preparing the men in case of conflict, though no one has believed it would happen.

They rest for the night. Adam walks Ruth home.

April Morning

Adam and the rest of the men arrive at the green, and soon the militia muster is on order. Simmons is an important support for Adam in the coming days.

Then the militia sends a horseman to scout ahead while the others lie in wait by the road. Simmons had been appointed to make a statement on the rights of man that they would all sign and send to Boston. His mother says Moses loves Adam. Crown Publishers, New York, The British fix bayonets, then fire upon the militia.

The Committee is already acting as a new government in the colonies. From their point of view, the colonies were ready for self-government. His father tries to shame him for saying a spell.

The rider announces to everyone in the streets that the British are coming to march through the town. Copyright Super Summary.

This time, however, it is about his behavior with Ruth. They are on the way to Concord where the stores are. Granny insists that doubt is a negative thing. People gather around the rider on the green, who informs them that the British are coming and may be marching through their town.

Adam tells his mother that he has never disobeyed her before, but he will now if she does not let him go with his father.Through the novel April Morning, Howard Fast tells the story of the first shots fired in the Revolutionary War. The novel is narrated through the eyes of fifteen-year-old Adam Cooper.

This is a. “April Morning” is a young adult historical novel by Howard Fast occurring in the very early days of the American Revolution April of Adam Cooper is a year-old resident of Lexington, Massachusetts, where he lives with his father, mother, grandmother, and younger brother, Levi. Text: Howard Fast, April Publishers, New York, The action takes place over two days during the battles of Lexington and.

April Morning Summary. Complete study guide for April Morning. Chapter Summaries, Analysis, Themes, Characters & More. Free Summary of April Morning by Howard Fast.

Table of Contents | Next Page Downloadable / Printable Version. Summary of April Morning by Howard Fast. April Morning written by Howard Fast is a great short read about a young boy.

The whole story takes place in only a few days (making the story progression relatively slow compared to most novels), and is set in the pre-revolutionary time period of /5.

On April 19,a shot rang out on Lexington Green and the Revolutionary War began. Historical novelist Sally Gunning remembers the .

An overview of the april morning by howard fast
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