A description of my friends bedroom

The three main things in my room that describe me are the wall color, bedroom suite, and the decorations. There is a piece of furniture with glasses and DVDs, and there are some pictures on the walls.

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When I was younger, my mom decorated my room and I could not wait until I was older so that I could decorate my room however I wanted. I also have many trophies in my room that describe the sports and other activities I participate in.

This seemed like one of the greatest days of my life. In this episode you will learn about how to put together a well-built monologue on a topic, and how to use place and time language items, among many other things!

When I was younger my bedroom was very girly and brightly painted. Then describe your house using the spatial approach: When you go in, you can find a hall. Please review the text carefully to ensure your intended meaning was not mistakenly changed.

My wall color was yellow before we painted it. With There is a night table on the right side and a lot of cute toys standing on it. My favorite decoration in my room is my cork board. Most importantly, I decorate my room by myself.

The smell of my room makes me think of the springtime, when all of the flowers are blooming. I like to stay there do some reading and enjoy the afternoon time in the sunshine by myself. In the left of the room, my king size bed is there. Opposite this bedroom, there is a bathroom.

It has a burgundy sofa and two green armchairs. The three main things in my room that describe me is the wall color, bedroom suit, and decorations. Opposite there is a fridge and a sink.

The two dressers give me more space to hold my massive collection of t-shirts. This sentence is perfect! There are no pictures on the wall. The one I like the most is the collage painting.Describe your bedroom - Example answer.

I'd like to have a bigger bed and a small sofa for when I invite friends round. Stanislas starts his description by giving his opinion, which means. Read Raul’s room description and answer the following questions: Is Raul’s room similar to your room?

Does Raul like his room? MY ROOM My room is very big and lightly. It has got two beds, one desk, a big wardrobe and a small table My Room, My Castle – 1st ESO. Oct 23,  · Can you give me a description of your bedroom? and what style is it? then there is my door, then my closet and my dresser and a large 3 shelf stand full of lotion and perfume.

My walls are covered with pictures of friends and clips from magazines that I like. What picture matched this description of my bedroom?

Describe your bedroom - Example answer

Description of Status: Resolved. If you open the door you will feel fresh and calm because I give green nuance in my room. You can see it from the wall colour. In the right side of my room there is a big frame of my friends and me hung on the wall. Under it there is my bed, there are a blanket, a bolster, two pillows, and my lovely pig doll.

Most of them are gift from my friends and family members. In my bed, there is some bedside reading; to the left of the bed is a long desk where I study on it. In the roof, there is a window, which is a unique window in my house. Describing My House - Elementary / Pre-intermediate - Useful Language.

with my partner and a friend from Canada. My flat is on the second floor. 2. The first room is my office. There is no bed / There isn’t a bed. It has three bookcases and a lot of books. There is a .

A description of my friends bedroom
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